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Educational First Steps Fast Facts

Our Mission: To improve the quality and availability of early childhood education for economically disadvantaged children.

Early childhood is a uniquely powerful time to build the social and academic foundation for success in the lives of our most at risk children.

Each, year, thousands of unprepared local children enter school:

  • Knowing less than 500 words, a huge deficit compared to the 2,400 or more needed to succeed
  • 25% more likely to drop out in later grades
  • 40% more likely to eventually become a teen parent
  • 70% more likely to commit a violent crime sometime in their lives!

EFS transforms existing daycare centers in our most vulnerable neighborhoods into nationally accredited preschools with certified teaching professionals

  • Mentoring: Coaching teachers in their own classrooms to mastery of best practices
  • EFS Academy: Training teachers/center directors in safety, positive interaction and age appropriate academics
  • Educational Tools: Providing quality educational materials to each classroom
  • Enrichment: Bringing children /families to local museums/cultural centers to see the broader possibilities of life

EFS serves children who would otherwise lose their “One Childhood, One Chance”

  • 4,200+ at risk children served today, the overwhelming majority in state subsidy programs
  • 325 classrooms with over 700 teachers in almost 90 facilities in North Texas
  • 45 centers accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Nation-al Accreditation Commission (NAC), the ‘gold-star' measures for early childhood education
  • Strong waiting list of resource-constrained daycare facilities who wish to become EFS partners.

EFS makes a strong, persistent difference in these children’s lives.

A study of 3,600 EFS “graduates” in DISD by the University of Texas at Dallas shows:

  • A 5.6 percentage point (and growing) advantage in third grade literacy, highly correlated with later high school graduation rates
  • Higher math achievement in first and second grades
  • 16% more likely to pass without retention from kindergarten through second grade
  • 28% less likely to be classified as Limited English Proficient
  • More frequent daily attendance in early elementary grades



EFS Assisted Centers


Children by age >

Children by ethnicity v

0-12months 1&2 years 3 years pre-k total
African American 247 648 518 2018  
Asian American 10 23 345 405  
Caucasion 59 146 90 368  
Latino/a 89 229 220 691  
Other         112
NOTE: Fifty-two percent (52%) or 1871 of the children are CCMS eligible          











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