Four Steps to Excellence 2.0

How EFS-Assisted Centers Achieve High Standards of National Accreditation

educational first steps four steps to excellenceFour Steps to Excellence 2.0 emphasizes a collaborative relationship with child care center teachers and directors focused on mentoring, formal training, and enrichment, with the ultimate goal of accreditation through the National Accreditation Commission (NAC) or the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The program, which is continually modified to incorporate best practices and enhancements, sets child care centers on the path to reaching national accreditation in 40 months, recognizing the achievement of various milestones along the way. Centers progress from the “Evaluation” phase upon the confirmation that the center and EFS are forming a healthy partnership that will benefit children. The “Foundation” phase guides centers toward “Level 1 and 2 competencies,” which are supported by EFS mentorship and training curriculum.

Level 1 competencies focus on the establishment of a fully safe environment, successful introduction of basic planning and classroom teaching techniques, fostering positive interactions/activity structures among children and adults, achieving interim milestones in classroom training and CDA certification, and advancing the leadership skills of the center director.

Level 2 competencies bring in-class teaching techniques and social-emotional interactions to fully satisfactory levels; complete the EFS classroom training curriculum for both directors and teachers, and advance staff progress toward near-completion of CDA certification.

In the “Readiness” phase, centers complete the final requirements necessary for accreditation. Upon achieving the milestone of national accreditation, centers become an “Accredited Partner,” continuing to receive relevant EFS assistance.

4 steps to excellence table, EFS dallas txDownload the Four Steps to Excellence 2.0 as a PDF.

EFS achieves this high standard of national accreditation through four key services offered during the Four Steps partnership:

  • Mentoring: well-trained Program Specialists lend their expertise and guidance toward national accreditation to assisted child care center directors and teachers in all areas of their programs at their own facilities and classrooms.
  • Training: certified Education Trainers offer a full schedule of group classroom training to center directors and teachers, covering all aspects of successful operations and educational content, coordinated with state licensing and accreditation guidelines.
  • Enrichment: partnerships with zoos, museums and other community venues provide learning opportunities beyond the classroom for children, families, teachers and directors.
  • Parent/guardian/awareness events: parent/guardian workshops address topics such as emerging reading skills, understanding a child’s temperament and forming a healthy and communicative relationship. EFS also hosts a Family Literacy Day at the Dallas Zoo and is a contributing sponsor for Wild About Reading at the Fort Worth Zoo, events which offer families a chance to experience a day of fun that emphasizes the importance of reading, including hands-on activities, well-known authors and children’s entertainers.

To learn more, contact Educational First Steps online or call 214-824-7940 in Dallas or 817-535-0044 in Tarrant County.

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